Golfyze is an innovative application that leverages artificial intelligence to easily analyze your golf swing without the need for any specialized equipment. With Golfyze, you can perform the following analyses:

Available Features:

  • Visualization and scoring of swing posture
  • 3D comparison with the ideal swing posture
  • Estimation of head speed

Features in Development:

  • Visualization of score and head speed history
  • Automatic extraction of backswing time, downswing time, and follow-through time
  1. Register Analysis Video
  2. Execute Analysis
  3. Display Analysis Results
  4. View Analysis Video
  5. [Reference] For Accurate Analysis

1. Register Analysis Video

[+] → [Select] to upload the video you want to analyze.

2. Execute Analysis

Press [Start] to begin the analysis. While the analysis is in progress, [In progress] will be displayed. Please wait until the analysis is complete.

3. Display Analysis Results

Once the analysis is complete, your score and estimated head speed will be displayed. Tap on the analysis results to view your swing posture.

You can slide the round button to play the video frame by frame (note: there is no auto-play feature). The thick lines in green, yellow, orange, and red represent your swing posture, while the thin lines in blue, pink, and purple represent the ideal swing posture.

4. View Analysis Video

To delete the analysis results, press and hold the analysis result and select delete.

5. [Reference] For Accurate Analysis

Golfyze uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze your swing posture, and in some cases, the analysis may fail depending on the video. To ensure a more accurate analysis, we recommend that you process the video before uploading it as follows:

  1. Shooting Range
  2. Avoid Background People
  3. Crop the Video Frame
  4. Trim the Video Length

5-1. Shooting Range

Ensure the entire body of the person you want to analyze is visible in the video.

5-2. Avoid Background People

Try to avoid having other people in the background of the video. However, if other people are significantly smaller than the analysis subject, the impact on the analysis may be minimal.

5-3. Crop the Video Frame

Trimming the video cleanly from the start to the end of the swing will enable more accurate analysis. Typically, if trimmed properly, the video duration will be around 1 to 2 seconds.

  • Start Point: Just before the club head begins to move.
  • End Point: When the body is fully rotated.

5-4. Trim the Video Length

Ensure that no part of the body is cut off while trimming the video. Focus on creating a vertically oriented video that includes only the area around the person being analyzed. While horizontal videos can also be analyzed, a vertical orientation is recommended for better visibility of the analysis results.

Note about the video:

The videos used on this page are modified versions of the following videos.

Privacy Policy

This application establishes the following privacy policy.

Acquisition of Personal Information

This application collects the following personal information:

  • Email address
  • Video files featuring individuals

Use of Personal Information

This application may use the collected personal information for the following purposes only:

  • Improving the convenience of the service
  • Responding to inquiries and complaints regarding the service

Provision of Personal Information

This application does not provide users’ personal information to third parties except in cases where disclosure is permitted under the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations. However, the following cases do not fall under the provision to third parties as specified above:

  • With the user’s consent
  • When the application or service, including users’ personal information, is succeeded due to transfer or other reasons

Deletion of Personal Information

If a user deletes their account through the application, all data, including the user’s personal information, will be deleted 30 days after the account is deleted.

Data Input by Users and Its Records

This application uses the latest cloud services to securely manage information provided by users. Personal information entered by users through this application is stored on this cloud service.

External Access

This application communicates with Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) but does not communicate with any other external parties.

Use of External Tools

This application uses AdMob (Google LLC) as an advertisement delivery tool. For information on what AdMob collects, uses, and provides, please refer to the privacy policies of AdMob and Google LLC.


At Unvelyze, we strive to improve the quality of this application every day. However, please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions that occur while using this application, nor for any losses or damages that may result from such malfunctions. Thank you for your understanding.